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The Ardino municipality is located in South-Central Bulgaria in the western part of the Eastern Rhodopes and the southwestern part of Kardjali District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Ardino) and 51 villages. The sloping relief and the lack of other means of transport communications make the development of road connections and road transport an extremely important component. The most important road is the one Kardzhali - Ardino - Smolyan. The other roads are of local importance.

Natural sights and monuments of culture
Dyavolskiat Most (the Devil Bridge - 14 c.) is at 10 km from the town on the Arda River. Near the bridge grows a plant, which is protected by law and is quite rare (a Tertiary indigenous plant), namely Rhodopean haberlea (Haberlea Rhodopaea). Orlovi Skali (eagles` rocks) Thracian sanctuary comprises 97 niches cut out in the rocks. Such niches are found also in the rocks near the villages of Bezvodno, Souhovo and Dazhdovnitsa.

Hladilnika (fridge) natural sight is a cave near the mouth of the Davidkovska River. Kaleto Thracian fortress is a natural sight and historic place. Krivous fortress near Bashevo village is built on a steep elevation and is surrounded by the Arda River on three sides. Remains of the Hissara fortress exist on the place where the Borovitsa River flows into Kardzhali Dam Lake. There is a natural birch tree reserve of area 3,680,000 sq. m. Belite Brezi tourist complex is situated in the reserve. The air in the complex is favorable for treatment of lung disorders and allergy.

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