Panayotova house

Panayotova house

Address: Delchevo village
Telephone: +359 898767988
Welcome to Panayotova house!
Panayotova house is a rennovated cultural monument that towers behind the church in Delchevo village. Here you will find the cosiness of the traditional bulgarian house aligned with the comfort of the modern world.In Panayotova house,away from everyday stress,you can enjoy an incredible holiday and experience the idylic atmosphere of rural life.We will be happy to do our best to provide you a remarcable and unique holiday experience in Delchevo where people,traditions and nature co-exist in harmony.

The village of Delchevo is situated on the slopes of Southern Pirin mountain,8 km. away from Goce Delchev.The village has an unique architectural appearance in which harmoniously are combined the steep terrain,the amphitheatrical position of the houses and the narrow stone-paved streets.Most of the buildings are build at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century.Their style is typical for the Bulgarian revival period and 26 of them are national monuments of culture.In the village there is an unique atmosphere pervaded by peace and serenity.You have the feeling that you travel back in time leaving behind the daily stress of the modern life.Fresh air,beautiful panoramic views,pristine woods and mountainscape are are combined in a way that brings you back to your inner source of life.The ,narrow stone-paved streets are winding through the village and with each step you get a new perspective.The village has very favourable micro-climate:mild winter and cool summer which makes it a perfect spot for holiday and recreation.

Panayotova house is a three-storey house;on the first floor there is a spacious “mehana” with camina and kitchen-box.The kitchen-box is fully equipped and you can use it for prepairing your food or you can choose to order food from our menu at reasonable prices.On the second floor there is a big balcony,two bedrooms and a bathroom.One of the rooms is with a double-bed and the other is with a double-bed and two single beds.from the balcony there is a spectacular view over the village and the woods behind it.On the third floor there are three bedrooms and three separate bathrooms.In two of the bedrooms there is a double bed and a single bed and in the other bedroom there is a double bed.If you want to celebrate an important occasion,to spend a romantic holiday or just to get away from the hectic everyday life the doors of Panayotova house are wide open for you.

If you are fond of active tourism you will find plenty of opportunities here:there are several eco-paths around the village where you could enjoy an exciting walk in the beautiful nature which will charge you with energy and strenght and will take the everyday stress off from you.On several spots along these eco-paths there are facilities for picnic with sheltered area,barbecue and tables where you can make a fire and improvise with prepairing a delicious meal.

• Delchevo-The Meadows-40min.
• Delchevo-Momina kula-1h30min.
• Delchevo-Popovi livadi-1h30min
• Delchevo-Sirnishka skala-1h20min.
• Delchevo-Chapel”St.Konstantin”2h
• Delchevo-The monastery-30min

Folklore and Traditions
One of the tings that makes Delchevo an unique spot is that the traditions and folklore are kept alive and the visitors can participate in the festivities that are organised to revive and reenact these traditions.

St.Trifon’s day(1st February)
If you like the authentic bulgarian folklore you should visit Delchevo on the day of St.Trifon.Along with the symbolic cutting of the wineyards and the profuse wine drinking,you will also witness an unique reenactment of an authentic bulgarian wedding.Everybody celebrates the festivity by taking part in the winding horo(traditional bulgarian dance)in the village square and there are over 150 people wearing traditional costumes.For the wine-lovers there is a wine degustation of local wines.

Enyov den(20-22)July
It is an international 3-day festival organised each summer in Delchevo-a real feast for the soul and the senses.Representatives of various folk and ethno groups from different countries visit the village in order to celebrate together the longest day of the year.If you like partying and dancing you will enjoy this festival and you can also take part in the ritual welcoming of the rising sun and picking of herbs for health and longevity.

• Only 20km from Delchevo you will find the healing mineral springs at Ognyanovo village.You could have a hot relaxing bath and pamper yourself with some spa-procedures.

• You could visit Kavala city on the Aegean cost which is only hour and a half’s drive from Delchevo.There you could see the ancient fortress and enjoy the beauty of the beaches.

• Only an hour’s drive from Delchevo you could go to the village of Dobrinishte from where you could take a lift right into the heart of the Pirin mountain.You will witness a different world with lots of mountain lakes where beauty and serenity prevails.

• 50km from Delchevo is the ski-resort Bansko where you could go skiing.

• You could visit the villages of Kovachevitsa and Dolen which are architectural preserved area displaying the spirit of the Bulgarian national revival period.

Prices and accommodation
50 leva per room
20 leva per person
200 leva or the whole house

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Panayotova house
Panayotova house
Panayotova house
Panayotova house
Panayotova house
Panayotova house
Panayotova house