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The town of Smolyan is placed in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains itself. It is located 260 km away from Sofia, 103 km away from Plovdiv and just 16 km away from the resort of Pamporovo. The only way to get to Smolyan is by bus.

The town fascinates with its extraordinary combination of old and new architecture, with the luxuriant aroma of lime blossoms in the beginning of the summer, the colourful magic of the autumn and the white silence of the winter.

For the tourists who decided to stay in Smolyan it would be impressive to visit the Lakes of Smolyan, the caves of Uhlovitsa, Yagodinska and Dyavolsko Garlo, Snezhanka Peak (there is a lift available to get to the top), the Trigradsko Gorge, Chudnite Mostove (the Wonderful Bridges), the rock phenomenon of “Glavata” (the Head) and “Momata” (the Made), the ethnographic museum in the village of Shiroka Laka and the Planetarium in Smolyan.
For the people who like the comfort and the modern conveniences of the city life and are enthusiastic skiers at the same time – Smolyan is the ideal place to holiday.

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