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Vkamenena gora (the Petrified Forest)

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Vkamenena gora (the Petrified Forest) near Momchilgrad is a fantastic view. It encompasses over 120m and comprises a number of fossilized trees, which show among the Rhyolite tufts. They look like trees that had been burning but are still unburnt. It is supposed that they are rocks which were formed 25-30 million years ago, when the Eastern Rhodopes were subjected to underwater volcanic activity. Two of the biggest trunks have a diameter of 2-4m and protrude over the tufts at a height of up to 1 m. Now hollow, tree-like pipes with diameter of 3cm and imprints from tree bark on their inside side can also be seen here.
Vkamenenata gora is a beautiful natural phenomenon included in the list of protected natural sites in the country.
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