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The Dzhebel municipality is located in South-Central Bulgaria in Kardzhali District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Dzhebel) and 47 villages.

The town of Dzhebel is located in the valley of the Dermendere River and lies 21 km to south of the district centre Kardzhali. The municipality borders on Momchilgrad to the east, on Ardino, Nedelino and Zlatograd to the west, on Kudzhali to the north and on Kirkovo to the south. The nearest border crossing points by land are the ones with Turkey and Greece. Both lie about 150 km away - a distance which is expected to decrease significantly with the opening of the Makaza thoroughfare.

There are a lot of interesting sights around Dzhebel town: the tectonic lakes near the village of Lebed; the castles Oustra and Mollaasar dating back to Roman times; the ancient rock tomb Hambar Kaya; the rock tomb near the village of Vodenicharsko; the Broken Mountain, whose peculiarity lies in its deposits of the mineral perlite; the swan lakes with natural wild lilies; the open air antique theatre in the village of Mishevsko; Ostar Kamuk Peak (Sivpikaya), Chamlaka National Reserve.

The territory of Dzhebel Municipality is streaked by the left tributaries of the Varbitsa River, which is one of the major water thoroughfares in the region. There is a piped mineral water spring close to the town of Dzhebel; the spring is called Topla Voda (Warm Water). The strange caves and rock formations, the natural mountain lakes and the huts around them, as well as the healing Topla Voda mineral water are prerequisites for making the region an attractive place for tourism and recreation.

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