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The municipality of Dupnitsa is located in Southwest Bulgaria, at the foot of the Rila mountain, at the crossroads of the roads from Sofia to Salonika and from Plovdiv to Skopje.

The settlements of the Dupnitsa municipality are situated in the Dupnitsa Hollow, formed by the west slopes of the Rila mountain and the south slopes of the Verila mountain.

The region possesses a wide scope of natural, anthropogenic and recreational resources. A lot of cultural monuments are registered in it.

Cities and villages in Dupnitsa municipality: Village of Balanovo, Village of Bistritsa, Village of Blatino, Village of Cherven breg, Village of Delyan, Village of Djerman, Town of Dupnitsa, Village of Dyakovo, Village of Gramade, Village of Krayni dol, Village of Kraynitsi, Village of Kremenik, Village of Palatovo, Village of Piperevo, Village of Samoranovo, Village of Topolnitsa, Village of Yahinovo

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