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The Guliantsi Municipality is located in the central northern part of the hilly Danubian Plain in Pleven District. To the east it has a common border with Nikopol Municipality, to the south - with Pleven Municipality, to the west - with Dolna Mitropoliya Municipality and to the north - with the Danube River.

The lower courses of the Iskar and Vit rivers pass through this municipality. The road infrastructure within the municipal territory is developed but it needs rehabilitation. The territory of Gouliantsi Municipality is traversed by the Pleven-Cherkvitsa railway with two stations - the villages of Kreta and Dolni Vit as well as two railway stations - Milkovitsa and Somovit. The only freight and passenger port in Pleven District has been built and is functioning in the village of Somovit.

The Ulpia Eskus Archeological Reserve from the 3rd-4th c. is on the municipal territory very close to the village of Gigen. In archeological terms the town has been researched since the beginning of the last century and the excavation, preservation and restoration work continues until nowadays. The municipality is planning to build a museum and an archeological center in order to make best use of its setting and reserves for the development of cultural, hunting, fishing and rural tourism.

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