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The Cherven bryag municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Pleven District and is the second biggest municipality in this District. The Municipality consists of 2 cities and 12 villages. The regional center of Cherven bryag municipality is town of Cherven bryag.

The Municipality borders the municipalities of Loukovit, Roman, Dolni Dabnik, Iskar, Knezha and Byala Slatina. The infrastructure of the municipality is in a relatively good condition. The territory of the municipality is crossed by the Sofia - Rousse main road of the republican road network. The railway station in town of Cherven Bryag is a significant railway unit along the Sofia - Varna railway line.

There are 37 protected areas on the territory of Cherven Bryag Municipality. Kouklite rock formations in the Uleya locality on the land of Resselets village; Kaleto tectonic ridge on the land of Resselets village; Skoka waterfall on the land of Resselets village; Haydoushka cave in the Skoka locality near Deventsi village; Sedlarkata Rock Bridge in the Ezeroto locality on the land of Rakita village. Neolith settlements near Telish town, Thracian settlements in Chomakovtsi village, Roman cities near Resselets and Chomakovtsi, roads, bridges, Byzantine fortresses.

The preserved nature and the numerous monuments of culture are a favorable prerequisite for tourism development.

Cities and villages in Cherven bryag municipality: Village of Breste, Town of Cherven bryag, Village of Chomakovtsi, Village of Deventsi, Village of Glava, Village of Gornik, Town of Koynare, Village of Lepitsa, Village of Radomirtsi, Village of Rakita, Village of Reselets, Village of Ruptsi, Village of Suhache, Village of Telish

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