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The Dolna Mitropolia Municipality is situated in Central Northern Bulgaria in in Pleven District. It consists of 2 towns and 14 villages. The regional center of Dolna Mitropolia municipality is town of Dolna Mitropolia. The Municipality encompasses parts of the valleys of the Danube, Iskar and Vit Rivers and the hilly heights between them. It borders the following municipalities: Pleven and Gulyantsi to the east, Knezha and Oryahovo to the west, Pleven and Dolni Dabnik to the south. It borders the Danube to the north. The relief is flat; the average altitude above sea level is 50-75 meters. The soils are varied and are a primary natural resource of the Municipality. The hydro-geology network on the territory of the Municipality includes the rivers Iskar, Vit, Gostilska and Valchovets Dam Lake, as well as other smaller micro-dam lakes and water reservoirs. Their water is used for irrigation, fishing and quarrying of aggregates.

In the Souhia Geran locality, and to the southeast of Bozhouritsa village parts of a Roman road have been found; the road is assumed to have been the connection from Escus to Philipopolis and to the Carpathians towards the White Sea passing though Ad Tupea (today`s Riben) and Storgozia (today`s Pleven).

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