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The Nikopol Municipality is situated in North-Central Bulgaria in the northeastern part of Pleven District. Its northern border is the Danube. The Osam River flows through the Municipality. The transport infrastructure includes roads of second, third and fourth class. The Municipality is crossed by the Pleven - Cherkvitsa railway line. All settlements have transport connection to the Municipal center - harbor town of Nikopol. It has a border control point and a customs` house. It is at a distance of 54 km from the District Center Pleven City, and 265 km from Sofia.

Natural sights and monuments of culture in Nikopol municipality:
The Elia fountain of 2 c. - monument of culture dating back to Roman times; St. St. Petar I Pavel Medieval cross-vaulted church - 14 c., monument of architecture of national importance; Kaleto fortress - archeological monument of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom; Virgin Mary`s Assu church - monument of culture of national importance; Rock church in the Plavala locality - remarkable landscape resulting from man and nature co-existence in harmony. Persina Natural Park - encompasses the land of Nikopol town and Dragash Voyvoda village; and others.

Cities and villages in Nikopol municipality: Village of Asenovo, Village of Batsova mahala, Village of Cherkovitsa, Village of Debovo, Village of Dragash voyvoda, Village of Evlogievo, Village of Jernov, Village of Lozitsa, Village of Lyubenovo, Village of Muselievo, Town of Nikopol, Village of Novachene, Village of Sanadinovo, Village of Vabel

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