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The Kneja municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Pleven District. The Municipality consists of munciapal center town of Knezha and villages Brenitsa, Enitsa and Lazarovo. The land of the Municipality has not been given the gift of picturesque hills and cool mountain ranges and forests, but rather it has vast- spreading humus massifs called the "corn band of Bulgarian agriculture". Knezha Municipality borders the municipalities of Byala Slatina, Oryahovo, Cherven Bryag and Pleven.

According to archeology documents Kneja has existed since distant antiquity. The tribes of Tribali, Thracians and Slavs used to live on this land. The well preserved part of the boundary fortress bank in the Srebren locality evidences the significant importance of the settlement in the First Bulgarian Kingdom. Under the Second Bulgarian Kingdom the settlement of Knezha existed. It is mentioned under this name in Turkish lists of 1548.

Quite favorable conditions exist for rural and hunting tourism development in the Municipality. Knezha Municipality has very good environmental parameters in terms of the main components of the environment - water, soils, and air. An environmental program has been adopted, which is being implemented with regards to both waste collection and construction of a sewerage network. A sight is Gergana Forest Park, where there is a small zoo with a rich variety of animals and birds, and it is a park for recreation among varied and rich vegetation with good facilities for children to play and relax.

Cities and villages in Kneja municipality: Village of Brenitsa, Village of Enitsa, Town of Kneja, Village of Lazarovo

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