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Oryahovo municipality is located in North-West Bulgaria in Vratsa District. The municipality is located in an area of geo-strategic importance. Three ports, a border control point and a ferry /Oryahovo-Bechet/ are located on its territory. The Municipality consists of 1 town and 6 villages. The regional center of Oryahovo municipality is town of Oryahovo. The town is also the final destination of one of the branches of international road E-79. Oryahovo is 200 km away from the Sofia and 78 km away from the regional centre, Vratsa.

There are 38 cultural monuments on the territory of the municipality Oriahovo, of which two are of national significance - the Kamaka (The Stone) Fortress 9 c. - 14 c. and the Revival period church St George, 1837. Because of the numerous local landslides a number of reinforcement facilities have been made in the town of Oryahovo, the village of Ostrov, Gorni Vadin and Dolni Vadin. The riverside border of the municipality runs for more than 50 km. The well-kept sandy river banks and the beautiful island of Esperanto favor the development of fishing, rowing and swimming sports, water jet sports, recreational and environmental tourism. The villages in the municipality also provide good conditions for developing rural tourism.

Cities and villages in Oryahovo municipality: Village of Dolni Vadin, Village of Galovo, Village of Gorni Vadin, Village of Leskovets, Town of Oryahovo, Village of Ostrov, Village of Selanovtsi

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