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Mizia Municipality is located in the northwestern part of Vratsa District (North-West Bulgaria). The municipality follows the course of two rivers, the Skat and the Ogosta, which mouth into the Danube 10 km to the north of Mizia town, where the municipality has an outlet on the Danube. The municipality`s geographic location is of fundamental importance. Four of the population centers in it are crossed by international road II-15, which reaches Oryahovo - Beket ferryboat complex. The distance from Oryahovo port and Lom port is 14 and 65 km respectively, and the distance from the capital city and Sofia airport is 200 km.

The rich cultural historical heritage of Mizia Municipality is well preserved. The earliest traces of Thracian tribes, which used to inhabit the former village of Boukyovtsi (today`s Mizia town) and the population centers in the Municipality date back 5,000 years ago. The old church St. Nicholas in Sofronievo village has been declared monument of culture. The unique natural and historic complex Botev Pat passes through the villages Sofronievo and Lipnitsa. Historic places: Garbavia Most in Lipnitsa village; Monuments to the Russian and Romanian soldiers-liberators, who perished near Sarajevo village; Kamenov Most.

Cities and villages in Mizia municipality: Village of Krushovitsa, Village of Lipnitsa, Town of Mizia, Village of Saraevo, Village of Sofronievo, Village of Voyvodovo

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