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Krivodol Municipality is situated in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, Vratsa district. The relief is undulating and high-mountainous and includes the valleys of the Botounya, Leva and Ribinya rivers. The territory of the Municipality is traversed by the main railway line in Northwestern Bulgaria, Sofia - Vidin; main road Е - 79 (Sofia - Mezdra - Vidin), which is a part of the large trans-border highway; and the road Montana - Borovan - Pleven - Varna. Given the closeness of Krivodol to the large economic centers of Vratsa and Montana, as well as its crossroad location, there are favorable preconditions and potential for the establishing zones of actively developing industry, farming, trade and warehousing activities along the transport corridors.

The fields of the Fore-Balkans, the river valleys, the fertile land and the favorable climatic conditions are conducive to good development of agriculture in Krivodol area.

Cities and villages in Krivodol municipality: Village of Baurene, Village of Botunya, Village of Dobrusha, Village of Furen, Village of Galatin, Village of Glavatsi, Village of Golemo Babino, Village of Gradeshnitsa, Village of Kravoder, Town of Krivodol, Village of Lesura, Village of Osen, Village of Pudria, Village of Rakevo, Village of Urovene

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