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Suhindol municipality is situated in Central North Bulgaria and is bordered by the municipalities of Pavlikeni, Levski, Letnitsa and Sevlievo.

The total area is 157.55 km2 of which 5.41 km2 are settlements and other urbanized territories. The municipality includes 5 villages and the town of Suhindol, which is its administrative center.

The archeological research findings show the presence of Thracians, Romans and Slavs on this territory. The local toponymy is mostly of Slav origin.
Area of Suhindol is wel known wine region with a lot of wine cellars.

Cities and villages in Suhindol municipality: Village of Byala reka, Village of Gorsko Kalugerovo, Village of Gorsko Kosovo, Village of Koevtsi, Village of Krasno gradishte, Town of Suhindol

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