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Polski Trambesh municipality is situated in the northeast part of Veliko Turnovo Region in Central North Bulgaria. On the east it is bordered by the municipalities of Byala and Strazhitsa, on the south by Gorna Oryahovitsa and on the north by Svishtov. The municipality includes 1 town – Polski Trambesh, and 14 villages.

The location of the municipality determines its place in the national infrastructure concerning its transport, electric transmission and communications networks. Major transport routes cross its territory – the roads Rousse-Veliko Turnovo, Svishtov-Veliko Turnovo, Pleven-Rousse, and the railway Rousse-Gorna Oryahovitsa. Another characteristic feature is the natural gas pipeline.

The landscape of the municipality Polski Trambesh is plain and indulating. Its altitude varies from 30 to 360 m above sea-level, with the lowest point along the river Yantra valley. It is extremely favourable for the development of agriculture, manufacturing, transport and communications.

Cities and villages in Polski Trambesh municipality: Village of Ivancha, Village of Karantsi, Village of Klimentovo, Village of Kutsina, Village of Maslarevo, Village of Obedinenie, Village of Orlovets, Village of Pavel, Village of Petko Karavelovo, Village of Polski Senovets, Town of Polski Trambesh, Village of Radanovo, Village of Stefan Stambolovo, Village of Strahilovo, Village of Vurzulitsa

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