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Historical Museum - Veliko Tarnovo

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The oldest and biggest museum of general history outside the capital. It was established in 1871. At present there are research associates, curators, guides, restorers, photographers, computer specialists, etc. working in it. The museum’s funds house over 200 000 exhibits from prehistory to modern history. Some of them are unique items of national and European importance – the Hotnitsa gold treasure, gold and silver coins of different rulers, marble statues, gold and silver ring-seals from the Middle Ages, murals, masterpieces of the Christian art from 12th to 19th century, Sofroniy of Vratsa’s “Nedelnik” (“Sunday Book”), etc.

A major part of them have been exhibited in the expositions, reserves, house museums and collections: “Tsarevets” Architectural and museum reserve, the Museum of Archaeology; the Museum of National Revival and Constituency Assembly; the “New History” Museum, etc.

The museum has published the “Tidings from the Museum of History” – Veliko Tarnovo annual book since 1962. It also publishes its own advertising materials and works successfully together with international archaeological expeditions.

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