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Municipality of Rudozem is situated in the most southeastern part of the Western Rodopi Mountains along the valleys of Arda, Chepinska and Elhovska river, and occupies an area of 191.3 sq. km. The municipality of Rudozem has common borders with the municipalities of Smolyan, Madan, Zlatograd, and with the Republic of Greece to the south. The municipality consists of 23 settlements (13 villages and 9 neighbourhoodes).

The average altitude is 700-800 m and the areas are mainly hilly and low mountainous. The relative share of forests on the whole territory of the municipality is less than 30 %. The forest fund is used mainly as a source of wood raw materials. The territory of the municipality is crossed by Arda, Chepinska and Elhovska rivers.
The climate is typical for mountains with average altitude.

On the territory of the municipality it is located an interesting rocky shape called "Kichika" which is 4 km away into the direction of the village of Chepinci; the ancient tree "Stariat Dub"(Old Oak) is 5 km away from the village of Vitina; the "Dupkata" Cave (the Hole) is to be found near the village of "Dobreva cheresha" (Dobreva`s cherry tree).

Cities and villages in Rudozem municipality: Village of Boevo, Village of Borie, Village of Breza, Village of Burchevo, Village of Byala reka, Village of Chepintsi, Village of Dabova, Village of Dobreva cheresha, Village of Elhovets, Village of Gramade, Village of Ivanovo, Village of Kokortsi, Village of Koritata, Village of Mochure, Village of Ogled, Village of Plovdivtsi, Village of Polyana, Village of Ravninata, Village of Ribnitsa, Town of Rudozem, Village of Sopotot, Village of Vitina, Village of Voykova laka

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