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Glavinitsa Municipality is located in northeastern Bulgaria, in Silistra Region. It is situated in the northeastern part of the district of Silistra and belongs to the Eastern Danube Plane. The Municipality includes 23 settlements - 1 town (municipal center Glavinitsa) and 22 villages.

Its relief is hilly or plain; the prevalent altitude varies from 200 to 300 m above sea level. The municipality`s terrain is indented by dry valleys, under which subterranean rivers flow. The Glavinitsa municipality is situated in the Temperate Continental Climatic Area. The average monthly temperatures do not exceed 25°С and do not fall under 1°С.
The economics in Municipality has agricultural orientation, small food industry enterprises are a feasible option. There are hundreds of acres of apricot trees and vineyards in the Municipality.

Place of interest are Malak Preslavets marsh (located along the Danube River valley), Thracian hills next to Sokol village, old Roman road, Omourtag Preslaven Home on the Danube River and other.

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