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The Doulovo Municipality is located in the eastern part of the Danubian Plane and covers the northernmost part of the Loudogorie mountainous area. The municipality is in Silistra District and falls within the Northeastern Planning Region. Doulovo Municipality borders the following municipalities: Isperih, Kaolinovo, Tervel, Silistra, Glavinitsa, Sitovo and Alfatar. Doulovo Municipality is the second biggest municipality in Silistra District and 51st in size in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The following historical sights exist in the Municipality: Medieval stone fortress Cartal Kale of 9th - 11th century; the historical locality Ayazmoto near Roujno village; settlement mound in Zhazhda park near Doulovo town.

Cities and villages in Dulovo municipality: Village of Boil, Village of Cherkovna, Village of Chernik, Village of Chernolik, Village of Dolets, Town of Dulovo, Village of Grancharovo, Village of Kolobur, Village of Kozyak, Village of Mejden, Village of Okorsh, Village of Oreshene, Village of Oven, Village of Paisievo, Village of Polkovnik Taslakovo, Village of Poroyno, Village of Pravda, Village of Prohlada, Village of Razdel, Village of Ruyno, Village of Sekulovo, Village of Skala, Village of Varbino, Village of Vodno, Village of Vokil, Village of Yarebitsa, Village of Zlatoklas

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