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Alfatar municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Silistra District. The Municipality consists of 7 cities and villages. Town of Alfatar is center of the municipality.

Alfatar Municipality has strategic location. Its territory is crossed by the transport connections between the District Center Silistra and Varna Black Sea Port, and the towns of Doulovo, Shumen, Tervel, Dobrich. The railway road through Alfatar provides access to the towns and cities along the railway line Silistra - Ruse - Sofia.

Alfatar Municipality has clean natural environment and moderate continental climate. The Karakouz reserve is in it. The Municipality has its own water reservoirs in the population centers Vassil Levski village and Tsar Assen village, which are at a distance of 12 km from Alfatar town. The abundant natural sights and the closeness of the reserve constitute a potential for development of rural tourism, combined with hunting and fishing.

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