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The town of Gabrovo is situated in the northern spurs of Middle Stara Planina, on the two banks of the Yantra river.

In the Middle Ages there were created rich traditions in the process of wood, metal, wool, and animal skins, which blazed the path for the contemporary industry.

It is one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Bulgaria, which has created a prerequisite for the differentiation of several hunting reserves. They offer some of the best hunting trophies in Europe – from bears, royal slags, mouflons, etc.

The unique House of Humour and Satire is located in Gabrovo. Various artistic and ethnographic expositions, collections of ritual and carnival masks and accessories of African tribes are exhibited there. Gabrovo welcomes guests from more than 150 countries in the time of the festivals of humour and satire.

The most picturesque spot in Gabrovo is the Architectural and Ethnographic complex “Etar” – an incomparable museum in the open. It features a number of quaint workshops for traditional Bulgarian crafts.

The architectural and historical reserve “Bozhentsi” is located in proximity to the town. Found in a picturesque valley with authentic houses, differing in type and architecture, Bozhentsi offers excellent opportunities for individual and family tourism.

The geographic center of Bulgaria – Uzana – is also located in the vicinity of Gabrovo. It features equipped ski-runs, conditions for equestrianism, tourism, mountaineering, etc.

The “Lyulyatsite” resort, located 15 km from Gabrovo, is famous for its beneficial influence on a number of diseases – allergies, hypertonia, chronic diseases of the respiratory tracts, etc.

Gabrovo - centre
Gabrovo - central square
Gabrovo - Yantra river bridge
Gabrovo - Palace of sport
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Gabrovo - Yantra river
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