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Uzana Uzana is situated at the heart of Stara planina in the foot of Mount Ispolin, 22km from the town of Gabrovo. It is located at an altitude above sea-level of 1,320m. It was here that the BAS scientists established that the geographic centre of the country is located. In winter the resort can offer skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. There are several runs. Rented skis and motor sledges are offered, which the tourists can use to enjoy the majesty of the Balkan during the winter. In the summertime it is also wonderful to rest at Uzana in the silence, calmness and the clean air. This resort is at the heart of the Balgarka national park, which has various species of the flora and fauna.

Near Uzana are located the historical mounts of Shipka and Buzdludzha, the ethnographic complexes Etara and Bozhentsi, the Sokolovo monastery and the town of Tryavna.
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