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The Simeonovgrad municipality is located in South-Central Bulgaria in Haskovo District. The Municipality consists of municipal center - town of Simeonovgard and 8 villages. The geographic location of Simeonovgrad Municipality is favorable for its economic development and transportation. The region is a traditional agricultural region with stagnant industry.

The area of Simenovgrad is crossed by the transcontinental railroad from Western Europe to Sofia - Plovdiv - Dimitrovgrad - Svilengrad - Istanbul, the Middle East and Asia. Part of the Maritsa Highway will also pass through Simeonovgrad Municipality.

Cities and villages in Simeonovgrad municipality: Village of Dryanovo, Village of Kalugerovo, Village of Konstantinovo, Village of Navusen, Village of Pyasachevo, Town of Simeonovgrad, Village of Svirkovo, Village of Troyan, Village of Tyanevo

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