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The Kostinbrod municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Sofia Province. The Municipality consists of 13 villages and municipal center Town of Kostinbrod. It is 15 km away from the capital city of Sofia and will soon become a Sofia satellite town. It is located on two very important highways: Lom - Sofia -Thessaloniki , and Sofia - Belgrade and, from there, to the whole of Europe. The international railway line to Western Europe passes through the territory of the municipality, with a train stop at Kostinbrod station.

Kostinbrod Municipality is situated in the northwestern part of the Sofia Plain, which is a basin-like hollow of about 1200 sq. km. It is surrounded to the north by the majestic slopes of Stara Planina, to the south by Liulin and Vitosha Mountains, to the west it reaches the limestone heights of Slivnitsa and Dragoman. The average altitude of the Sofia Plain is 550 m. Once the bottom of a lake, the Sofia Plain today features fertile soils and a favorable climate. The numerous warm mineral water springs make it a desirable place for recreation and treatment. The municipality is in the catchment area of the Belitsa and Blato rivers.

Cities and villages in Kostinbrod municipality: Village of Bezden, Village of Bogyovtsi, Village of Buchin prohod, Village of Chibaovtsi, Village of Dragovishtitsa, Village of Drenovo, Village of Drumsha, Village of Golyanovtsi, Village of Gradets, Town of Kostinbrod, Village of Opitsvet, Village of Peturch, Village of Ponor, Village of Tsarichina

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