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Elin Pelin

The Elin Pelin Municipality is situated in the central part of Sofia District. Municipal center town of Elin Pelin is 24 km to the east of the capital city of Sofia in the eastern part of the Sofia field. The common border with Sofia Large Municipality is longer than 40 km. The territory of Elin Pelin Municipality is crossed by Hemous highway and Trakia highway, main road No. 6 and roads of 1st to 3rd class. The Municipality is a main transport junction and crossing point for the transport on both sides of the Balkan Range. On the territory of the Municipality there are two main railway stations: Elin Pelin station and Stolnik station. The territory of the Municipality is crossed by the natural gas main of Bulgaria. A major factor, which affects the development of the Municipality, is the closeness to the capital city. The natural development of Sofia and its gradual expansion in territory makes Elin Pelin Municipality a component of the metropolis of "large" Sofia.

The territory of the Municipality is crossed by the so-called Trayanov Road of 2nd century. Near Lesnovo village on the side of the Roman road (3rd century) a large road station used to exist under the name Buragara. International hunting tourism has been developed in Aramliets State Hunting Unit and Vitinya State Game Breeding Unit. Ognyanovo Dam Lake offers wonderful conditions for water and motor-water sports. The Municipality has a project at the stage of pre-feasibility study for the establishing of an Environmental Vacation Village near Ognyanovo Dam Lake. A modern golf course St. Sofia has been constructed on the land of Ravno Pole village.

Cities and villages in Elin Pelin municipality: Village of Bogdanlia, Village of Churek, Village of Doganovo, Village of Eleshnitsa, Town of Elin Pelin, Village of Elin Pelin, Village of Gabra, Village of Golema Rakovitsa, Village of Grigorevo, Village of Karapoltsi, Village of Krushovitsa, Village of Lesnovo, Village of Musachevo, Village of Novi han, Village of Ognyanovo, Village of Petkovo, Village of Potop, Village of Ravno pole, Village of Stolnik

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