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Kozlodui municipality is in the east of Northwest Bulgaria (Vratsa district) , in the lowlands of Danube, at the altitude of 25 metres above sea level and with an area of 285 sq. km. It is located 7 km from the Ogosta river mouth, in the fertile granary of Bulgaria that was called Zlatia by the ancient Bulgarians. The relief is mainly level ground. Water resources are a great potential for the municipality. The Danube River is not only navigable but is also used for industrial purposes in the operation of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

Kozlodui municipality consists of 1 town (Kozlodui - the populated places of the neighbouring municipalities also gravitate to it - more Mizia and Hairedin, and less Valchedram, Oriahovo and Lom) and 4 villages - Harlets, Glozhene, Butan and Kriva Bara.

The larger centres, Vratsa and Montana, are located at almost an equal distance and they do not hinder the development of the town of Kozloduy. With the optical fibre between Knezha, Oriahovo, Mizia and Kozloduy now in place, the town is being converted to a digital telephone network.

Cities and villages in Kozloduy municipality: Village of Butan, Village of Glojene, Village of Harlets, Town of Kozloduy, Village of Kriva bara

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