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The Etropole municipality occupies an area of 375 in the District of Sofia. It is situated upon the north slopes of the Balkan. Its centre is the town of Etropole.
The Etropole municipality borders the municipalities of Teteven, Yablanitsa, Pravets, Botevgrad, Elin Pelin and Zlatitsa.

A temperately continental climate with cool summers and cold winters is typical of the fore-mountain region in which the Etropole municipality s situated. The average annual temperature is 13-15 degrees Centigrade.
The Etropole region offers excellent conditions for recreation - majestic and beautiful nature, interesting tourist routes, ancient monuments and wonderful conditions for skiing, village and ecological tourism.

Settlements of the municipality Etropole:
- the town of Etropole
- the villages of Boikovets, Broussen, Lopyan, Laga, Malki Iskar, Ribaritsa and Yamna.
- the hamlets Gorounaka and Osselna

Cities and villages in Etropole municipality: Village of Boykovets, Village of Brusen, Town of Etropole, Village of Gorunaka, Village of Laga, Village of Lopyan, Village of Malki Iskar, Village of Oselna, Village of Ribaritsa, Village of Yamna

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