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The Dimovo municipality is a constituent part of the District of Vidin. It occupies an area of 402 347 decares, which is 13.3% of the district`s territory. It borders the Belogradchik, Ruzhintsi, Chuprene, Makresh and Vidin municipalities of the District of Vidin and the Lom municipality of the District of Montana. The municipality has access to the Danube.

The municipality of Dimovo belongs to the Temperate Continental climatic area. The relief is prevalently hilly or plain. The region of the town of Dimovo and Oreshets Station (42-900 m above sea level) is with a hilly relief. Four tributaries to the Danube pass through the municipality`s territory - the rivers Archar, Skomlya, Belshtitsa and Lom. There are six dam lakes - by the villages of Varbovchets, Medovnitsa (2), Yarlovitsa, Shipot and Skomlya.

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