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The Municipality of Laki covers an area of 290,519 decares in Plovdiv District. The relief is mountainous. Forest fund covers 70 % of the municipality (227,603 decares). The northern slopes are occupied with spruce, fir-tree and beech, and the southern - with white pine, oak, hornbeam, black pine, birches, sycamore, Pinum Peuce, mountain ash.
The municipality is included in the Continental-Mediterranean climate region.

Area of Luki is situated in the picturesque gorges of the rivers "Manastirska"(169 sq. km.), Lakinska (120 sq. km.), Dzhukovska(120 sq. km.) and "Belishka (56 sq. km.). The flora and fauna are represented by a variety of species. The forests are rich in forest fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms and herbs. There are also various animals: does, quail, deer, wild goats, hazel-hens, wood-grouse capercalzies, etc. There are the following protected areas "Chervenata skala" (Red Rock), "Skalniat most" (Rocky Bridge), the waterfall "Gyumyurdjina" and the "Krustova Gora"(Cross Wood) site.

Cities and villages in Luki municipality: Village of Balkan mahala, Village of Belitsa, Village of Borovo, Village of Chetroka, Village of Chukata, Village of Djurkovo, Village of Dryanovo, Village of Krushovo, Village of Lukavitsa, Town of Luki, Village of Manastir, Village of Yugovo, Village of Zdravets

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