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Zavet municipality is situated in the northeastern part of Razgrad District and is a part of Loudogorie Mountain. Its territory is crossed by road II-23 Rousse - Isperih - Dobrich, road III-4902 Razgrad - Pobit Kamak - Ostrovo - Zavet - Toutrakan, road III-214 Toutrakan - Isperih, as well as forth-class roads connecting the population centers in Zavet municipality. The nearest railway stations are in Isperih town (18 km), Razgrad (35 km), Rousse city (70 km); the nearest ports are: Toutrakan town (40 km), Rousse city and Silistra city (70 km).

Hunting tourism with shooting game for trophies mainly for foreigners is developed by the Voden Representative Large-Game Unit, which occupies an area of 150, 000,000 sq. m of forests, water areas and pastures in the lands of the municipalities of Razgrad, Zavet, Isperih, Glavinitsa, and Toutrakan.

Cities and villages in Zavet municipality: Village of Brestovene, Village of Ivan Shishmanovo, Village of Ostrovo, Village of Prelez, Village of Sushevo, Village of Veselets, Town of Zavet

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