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The Ethnographical Museum in Elhovo

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The town of Elhovo is situated at a distance of 37 km in southern direction from Yambol.

The specialized ethnographical museum was established in 1961 and in 1966 it become a regional ethnographical museum covering the Yambol region. It occupies two massive buildings in the center of the town, built in 1933. The museum fund keeps almost 20 000 exhibits. The museum specializes and explores with priority the dress-making techniques, the unique and original costumes, the materials, the embroideries and the decorations typical of the region along the Tundzha Valley as well as of settlers who immigrated from Odrinska /Eastern/ Thracia and Belomorska /Aegean/ Thracia.

The main exposition was opened in 1971 and is arranged in four halls occupying an area of 244 sq.m.

Open: 8-12; 14-17;
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Museum Association “Itineraries of cultural tourism – Eastern Bulgaria” 2004

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