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The Pirdop municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Sofia District. It is situated in the southeastern part of the Zlatitsa - Pirdop Valley at 670 m above sea level. It is surrounded by the Balkan Range to the north, Sredna Gora Mountain to the south, and Koznitsa and Galabets saddles to the east and west, respectively. The territory of the Municipality Pirdop is traversed by main road I -6 Sofia - Burgas, which is a part of the Republican road network, as well as by the Sub-Balkan railway line to Burgas.

The Municipality consists of municipal center town of Pirdop and and village of Dushantsi. The town is the center of tourist routes to the Balkan Range and Sredna Gora Mountain. There are some mountain huts conveniently located and equipped for visits. There are convenient roads leading to Doushantsi Dam Lake, Koufarita Bridge, the localities of Borova Gora, Bobyovitsa, Elensko and Kazanite, and others. Doushantsi Dam Lake on the Topolnitsa River is one of the most beautiful mountainous water reservoirs in Bulgaria. Although the accommodation facilities are insufficient, there are good opportunities for short vacations for recreation and sports fishing. There are also good conditions for water sports and attractions.

Cities and villages in Pirdop municipality: Village of Dushantsi, Town of Pirdop

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