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Aitos municipality is located in the eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria and belongs to the administrative boundaries of Burgas county. It is bounded by the following municipalities: to the north - by Ruen, to the west - by Karnobat, to the south and south-east - by Burgas, and to the east - by Pomorie. It includes the southern slopes of the Eastern part of the Balkans and the valley of Aitoska river. Its terrain is predominantly plain.

The geographic location determines the special significance of the municipality as a transport junction, through which the road nets between Northern Bulgaria and Southern Bulgaria in this part of the country are achieved. Main road №1 and railway road Sofia-Burgas passes through it. Its good transport characteristics is determined as well by the fact that it is only 28 km far from Burgas. The transport junctions with the countries of the Black sea zone and the Near East are accomplished through the biggest port on the Black sea and Burgas airport. The construction of the road section Aitos - Maglen with direction towards the resort complex Sunny beach will bring the municipality of Aitos nearer in a transport aspect to this huge consumer centre.

Cities and villages in Aytos municipality: Town of Aytos, Village of Cherna mogila, Village of Chernograd, Village of Chukarka, Village of Dryankovets, Village of Karageorgievo, Village of Karanovo, Village of Lyaskovo, Village of Maglen, Village of Malka polyana, Village of Peshtersko, Village of Pirne, Village of Polyanovo, Village of Raklinovo, Village of Sudievo, Village of Topolitsa, Village of Zetyovo

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