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The Devnya municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Varna District. The Municipality consists of 3 cities and villages. The regional center of Devnya municipality is town of Devnya. The Municipality is at a distance of about 30 km from town of Varna - the District Center.

Devnya is in a small valley surrounded on all sides by small limestone hills and open only to the east to the Beloslav Lake and the Black Sea. The wealth of resources of water, salt and limestone are the basis for development of large chemical industry there. The region is a component of the industrial-transport and residential agglomerate of Varna-Devnya-Provadia. Its transport and communications system services not only the national, but also the international infrastructure directions. Railway, road and water transport are developed. The transport system is directly connected to and dependant on that of Varna Municipality. The town of Devnya is connected by the Varna Canal with the Varna Lake.

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