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Cave Orlova Chuka

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Cave Orlova Chuka is the second longest cave in Bulgaria. Its length is 13.5 km and it is situated in the Danube plain near the town of Dve Mogili in Rouse district. It has an intricate network of entrances and galleries. The most beautiful formations of the cave- the Small stalactone, Halkite (“the Rings”), Pchelina (“the Apiary” – a beehive-like stalactite), located near the entrance, are very interesting. The huge halls are named “Sipeite” (“the Screes”) and the walls of the new small halls are covered with argonite crystals and dendrite geodes, which sparkle in different colours. Because of the numerous crystals they are named: Devetoto Nebe (“The Ninth Sky”), Desetoto Nebe (“The Tenth Sky”), Raya (“The Paradise”), etc. Remains from Thracian settlements were also discovered here.
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