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Klisura Monastery

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It is situated in the western part of Stara Planina close to the resort town of Varshets. It dates as far back as the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in 1240. In 1862 the monastery was burned down by the Pasha of Berkovitsa Yusuf Bei and the monk and the worshippers were slaughtered. It was restored in 1869 by the first patron of the monastery, Archimandrite Antim Damyanov, and the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” church was consecrated by the Bishop of Vidin in 1891. Soon after this a new church was built.

In 2000, the so-called “live water” was found in the Klisura monastery water source, which comes from Mount Todorini Kuli and has healing properties.

Klisura monastery offers excellent conditions for rest. In addition to accommodation and food, one can enjoy picnics in the mountain, horse riding, folklore concerts and preparation of ritual temples.
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