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Plakovo monastery “St. Prophet Iliya “

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Plakovo monastery “St. Prophet Iliya “is near the village of Plakovo in Veliko Tarnovo region. It was founded during the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and it was destroyed during the Bulgarian fall under Ottoman rule. It was rebuilt in 1450. The monastery is famous for the organized Velcho’s plot, one of whose leaders used to be a Father Superior at the monastery. After the supperession of the plot the monastery was destroyed for the second time.

It was rebuilt again in 1845 together with the monastery church, which is a rare specimen of the Bulgarian architecture of the Athon type.

The church treasures a valuable icon of Christ and the 12 Apostles, made by Zahari Zograf. The magnificent 26-metre belfry, built by Kolyo Ficheto, is very interesting.
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