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Roman Municipality is situated in Northwestern Bulgaria and occupies the southeastern part of Vratsa District. Roman town is at a distance of 42 km to the east of the District Center of Vratsa, 29 km to the east of Mezdra city and 120 km to the northeast of Sofia city. The roads from Roman town to the neighboring municipalities are mostly of fourth class and are in radial pattern. Roman town is a railway station along the central northern railway line Sofia - Varna, which traverses the territory of the Municipality from the west (Sinjo Bardo railway stop) to the east (Kounino station) along the Iskar River valley.

The geographic location is conducive to the development of tourism both owing to the environmentally clean and magnificent nature, and to the presence of unique archeological finds. Roman town lies over remains of the Bronze Age (2000 BC). Iskar Oasis Tourist Company has been incorporated with the purpose of implementing diverse forms of tourism, such as ecotourism, rural tourism, and for advertising the tourist sites. The nature and the location of the Municipality Roman offer favorable prospects for development of hunting and fishing tourism.

Cities and villages in Roman municipality: Village of Dolna Beshovitsa, Village of Hubavene, Village of Kameno pole, Village of Karash, Village of Kunino, Village of Kurnovo, Village of Markovo ravnishte, Village of Radovene, Town of Roman, Village of Sinyo bardo, Village of Sredni rat, Village of Stoyanovtsi, Village of Strupets

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