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The Opaka municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Turgovishte District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (Opaka) and 5 villages. Opaka Municipality has the advantage to be close to Rousse city - at 70 km distance, which ensures fast and easy access to the northern border of Bulgaria. At 15 km from Opaka town is Popovo railway station. The relief of the Municipality is hilly (mountainous), and along the Cherni Lom River course it is flat. The altitude above sea level varies from 180 to 200 m. The river network includes the Cherni Lom River and its tributaries.

The nature and climate of the Municipality are favorable for tourism development. The archeological studies have shown that the area was inhabited in the remote antiquity - evidence is the existence of Thracian mounds along the Cherni Lom River course, Roman fortresses, and Slavonic burials. Near Krepcha village there is a rock monastery, where the oldest proto-Bulgarian inscription (of the year 921) was found.

Cities and villages in Opaka municipality: Village of Garchinovo, Village of Golyamo gradishte, Village of Gorsko Ablanovo, Village of Krepcha, Village of Lyublen, Town of Opaka

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