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The Omurtag Municipality is situated in Northeastern Bulgaria (Targovishte district) in immediate closeness to the northern slopes of the Eastern Balkan Range, near Lissets Peak. The municipality consists from 1 town (municipal center Omurtag) and 42 villages. The town of Omourtag is an important transport junction located on the main road Sofia - Varna, in the northern part of the Kotel pass through the Balkan Range. The road network is of 130 km length, of which 20 km are first-class roads.

A major role in the economy of municiaplity is played by the light industry. The textiles industry is the fastest developing one. There is good tradition also in wood processing.

In general the environment in Omurtag Municipality is in perfect condition. There are no large polluters of the air, soil and water in the Municipality. Its favorable geographic location and the preserved natural environment are conducive to the development of rural, hunting and fishing tourism. The region has large game reserves, some of the species in them being red deer, roe, hare and wild boar. The Municipality has forest and mountain huts. At a distance of 16 km from Omourtag town is Lissets Peak (1,130 m), where wonderful conditions for winter tourism exist.

Cities and villages in Omurtag municipality: Village of Belomortsi, Village of Bulgaranovo, Village of Chernokaptsi, Village of Dolna Hubavka, Village of Dolno Kozarevo, Village of Dolno Novkovo, Village of Golyamo tsarkvishte, Village of Gorna Hubavka, Village of Gorno Kozarevo, Village of Gorno Novkovo, Village of Gorsko selo, Village of Iliyno, Village of Jelezari, Village of Kamburovo, Village of Kestenovo, Village of Kozma prezviter, Village of Krasnoseltsi, Village of Mogilets, Village of Obitel, Town of Omurtag, Village of Panayot Hitovo, Village of Panichino, Village of Parvan, Village of Petrino, Village of Plastina, Village of Ptichevo, Village of Pudarino, Village of Ratlina, Village of Rositsa, Village of Stanets, Village of Tapchileshtovo, Village of Tsarevtsi, Village of Tserovishte, Village of Ugledno, Village of Velichka, Village of Velikdenche, Village of Verentsi, Village of Veselets, Village of Visok, Village of Vrani kon, Village of Zelena morava, Village of Zmeyno, Village of Zvezditsa

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