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The Municipality of Mezdra is located in Vratsa District (North-West Bulgaria). Its close proximity to the border control points at Calafat, Vrushka Chuka, and Kalotina, as well as to Sofia /100 km., respectively Sofia Airport, provides good transport connections between the municipality and foreign countries. The town of Mezdra is a significant railway center of national importance - it is a major railway junction in northwestern and central Bulgaria. There are convenient road connections. All the population centers are covered by the municipal transport system.

Industry is the upstream branch in the economy of the Mezdra municipality. The Iskar Gorge can offer ecotourism, rock-climbing, tourist trips, paragliding and hang-gliding, extreme sports. The Iskar riverside and the dam lakes on the territory of the municipality are a perfect opportunity for fans of tourist and sports fishing. The traditional crafts in the villages located in mountainous and hilly areas away from large roads create a prerequisite to the development of rural tourism. The small private farms in these villages provide organic farming produce.

Cities and villages in Mezdra municipality: Village of Bodenets, Village of Brusen, Village of Darmantsi, Village of Dolna Kremena, Village of Eliseyna, Village of Gorna Beshovitsa, Village of Gorna Kremena, Village of Ignatitsa, Village of Kalen, Village of Krapets, Village of Kreta, Village of Lik, Village of Lyutibrod, Village of Lyutidol, Town of Mezdra, Village of Moravitsa, Village of Ochindol, Village of Oselna, Village of Oslen Krivodol, Village of Rebarkovo, Village of Ruska Bela, Village of Staro selo, Village of Tipchenitsa, Village of Tsakonitsa, Village of Tsarevets, Village of Varbeshnitsa, Village of Zlidol, Village of Zverino

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