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The Dulgopol municipality is located in North-East Bulgaria in Varna District. The Municipality consists of 16 cities and villages. The regional center of Dulgopol municipality is town of Dulgopol. The municipality is located in the eastern part of the Varbishki Balkan /eastern Balkan Range/, 70 km from the regional centre, Varna. The terrain is semi-mountainous and mountainous and is defined by the rivers Louda Kamchia and Goliama Kamchia, the northern slopes of the Kamchiyska mountain and the eastern slopes of the Varbishki Balkan. Along the stream of the Louda Kamchia River is the third largest dam in Bulgaria - the Tsonevo Dam Lake of length of 28 km. The Varna-Sofia railway, with the rail junction to Shoumen, passes through the territory of the municipality. The Provadiya - Aitos road also passes through the municipality; this artery provides the road connection between North and South Bulgaria.

Cities and villages in Dulgopol municipality: Village of Arkovna, Village of Asparuhovo, Village of Boryana, Town of Dulgopol, Village of Kamen dyal, Village of Komunari, Village of Krasimir, Village of Lopushna, Village of Medovets, Village of Partizani, Village of Polyatsite, Village of Royak, Village of Sava, Village of Sladka voda, Village of Tsonevo, Village of Velichkovo

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