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The Dragoman municipality is located in South-West Bulgaria in Sofia District in a small mountainous plain in the western part of the Sofia valley on almost completely karst terrain. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Dragoman) and 33 villages. The municipality is situated immediately along the west Bulgarian border about 36 km west of Sofia and 15 km. from Serbia and Montenegro. Its territory is crossed by international route E-80 connecting Western Europe and the Middle East. Transport connections between different settlements are provided by railway and bus transport. The Kalotina Border Control Point, Customs Office and Dragoman Railway Station are on the territory of the municipality.

The outstanding natural sites define the enormous value of the region on national scale. The high rocks on this karst terrain, the karst formations and shapes are attractive to mountaineers, gliders and speleologists while the unexplored sites are of interest to archaeologists and botanists. The beautiful scenery and almost virgin nature are good conditions for the municipality of Dragoman to turn into an attractive centre of mountain tourism.

Cities and villages in Dragoman municipality: Village of Berende, Village of Berende izvor, Village of Chekanets, Village of Chepurlintsi, Village of Chorul, Village of Chukovezer, Village of Dolna Nevlya, Village of Dolno novo selo, Village of Dragoil, Town of Dragoman, Village of Dreatin, Village of Gaber, Village of Golemo Malovo, Village of Gorno selo, Village of Grulska padina, Village of Kalotina, Village of Kambelevtsi, Village of Krusha, Village of Letnitsa, Village of Lipintsi, Village of Malo Malovo, Village of Nachevo, Village of Nedelishte, Village of Nesla, Village of Novo burdo, Village of Prekraste, Village of Rayanovtsi, Village of Taban, Village of Tsatsarovtsi, Village of Tsruklevtsi, Village of Vasilovtsi, Village of Vishan, Village of Vladislavtsi, Village of Yalbotina

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