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Byala Slatina Municipality is located in northwestern Bulgaria (province Vratsa) and is at almost equal distance from the Danube River and the Fore-Balkan. It is located in the hilly part of the Danubian Plain, on the terraces of the Skat River. The terrain is flat and hilly. The climate is moderate continental. The road network totals 147.41 km, including the main road artery connecting the eastern Black Sea coast with the country`s West and several road arteries of regional significance.

Agriculture is the traditional backbone of local economy. Vegetable growing is not widely practiced. Live-stock breeding is being developed mostly in small family-run farms. Some of the bigger dairy farms are in the villages of Sokolare, Galiche and Altimir, and there is one pig-breeding farm in Vranyak.

The Kitkata protected area is on the territory of the municipality - it represents a cluster of 15 centenarian oak trees of the species Quercus Pubesces. A venerable oak, which is over 600 years old grows, in the Gorno Livade locality to the west of the village of Galiche. There are local traditions in game keeping and the organized hunting of fowl, hares, wild boars, foxes, jackals etc.

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