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“St. Nikola” monastery of Kapinovo

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“St. Nikola” monastery of Kapinovo is situated between the city of Veliko Tarnovo and the town of Elena. As some legends have it, the monastery owes its establishment to Tsar Ivan Asen II (13th c.). In the period after the Second Bulgarian Kingdom “St. Nikola” was an important religious centre. After the fall of Bulgaria falling under Ottoman rule the monastery was burned down. At the end of 17th c. it was rebuilt with the permission of the Turkish authorities. The monastery church was built in 1835, and in 1864, thanks to the generosity of two brothers from Tryavna, buildings for the Father Superior and the monks were erected. During the National Revival period, a literary school was established in the monastery, and the monastery also played an active role in the April Uprising. The church houses a rich collection of icons, one of which is the icon of the Holy Virgin.
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