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The “Nativity of the Mother of God” monastery

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The “Nativity of the Mother of God” monastery is situated 4 km from the town of Kalifarevo in the Veliko Tarnovo area. It was founded between 1348 - 1350 by the eminent Bulgarian cleric Theodosius of Tarnovo with the assistance of Tsar Ivan Alexander. The Kilifarevo literary school was formed shortly after that, in which 460 students were taught, among which was the future Bulgarian Patriarch Euthimius of Tarnovo. After the Ottoman rule of the Bulgarian lands the monastery was torn down, and the big literary centre was completely destroyed. In 1718 the monastery was restored and despite the fact it was burned down several times by the Kurdjali, it was rebuilt again.

In 1840 Kolyo Fitcheto built the one-dome “St. Dimitar” church. The iconostasis, made by the wood-carvers Tsonyo Vasilev and Simeon Vasilev from Tryavna, is an exceptional work of art. The icons and the indoor decorations are also very impressive.

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