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The “St. Archangel Michael” monastery

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The “St. Archangel Michael” monastery in Kokalyane is situated in a picturesque area in Plana Planina between the villages Kokalyane and Zheleznitsa. It is also known as the Urvich monastery. It was built in the time of Tsar Samuil in the beginning of 11th c. During the time of the Ottoman domination it was burned down. It was restored after the Liberation, and the church was built in 1896. In addition to the church, which is situated in the middle of the yard, there are two chapels and a belfry, erected in 2000. The “Urvich collection”, which contains panegyrics for the archangels Michael and Gabriel, was found in the Kokalyanovo monastery. The monastery was declared a monument of culture in 1969. It is relatively hardly accessible, but this makes it more suitable for a one-day walk out of town.
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