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The Belene municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Pleven District. The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Belene) and 5 villages.

The Municipality encompasses the fertile lowlands of Svishtov - Belene. The relief is flat. Out of the total area arable land is 172 and forests are 39.98 , mostly deciduous trees. Railway transport is of local importance, there is railway connection through Oresh station to one of the regional main points - Levski railway station, thus making the West - East connection and connection to Troyan town.

The major natural wealth in Belene Municipality is Persina Natural Park. The Belene Danube archipelago consisting of 19 islands falls within the borders of the Municipality and the Park. One of them is Persin island - the largest Bulgarian Danube island, which the Natural Park was named after; the island is of 15 km length and 6 km maximum width.

The following may be used in order to attract tourists: a bird-watching point on Golyama Barzina Island; place for recreation and fishing near the firth; cycling route from Persina enterprise to Kaykousha plant (10.6 km); fishermen settlement in the Hissarlaka locality.

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