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The municipality of Boychinovtsi is located in North-West Bulgaria, Montana district. It is 19 km from town of Montana (the district center), 38 km from the town of Vratsa and 120 km northwest of Sofia. The town of Boichinovtsi is an important railroad junction along the Sofia-Vidin and Berkovitsa railway. The territory is crossed by the middle course of the Ogosta River and the lower course of Botounya River.

Natural sights and monuments of culture:
the little Ribine River on the ground-plot of the village of Lehchevo together with the beautiful yellow water roses /Nuphar lutea/ growing there; the five magnificent century-old trees nearby Boichinovtsi; the red meadows of blossoming wild peony in May in the forests around the village of Madan; the eight Christian orthodox temples most of which have a history of more than 100 years. The Boichinovtsi municipality is working together with Krividol and Montana municipalities for the creation of a destination for cultural tourism to include the Rebine Natural Park.

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